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Published on July 25th, 2014 | by StandUpTalk


Jamar Neighbors Releases Comedy Album “Naked”

StandUpTalk.com has produced their first stand up comedy album from comedian Jamar Neighbors titled “Naked”. This is Jamar’s first album and it is a dual disk release. Disk One is titled “Home” which was recorded in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store. Disk Two is titled “Away” it which was recorded in San Diego at LeStats. The Album is priced at $5 for both disks at Bandcamp and $10 per disk at the major stores such as Amazon, iTunes.

BandCamp – [Disk 1 – Home] [Disk 2 – Away]

Amazon – [Disk 1 – Home] [Disk 2 – Away]

iTunes – [Disk 1 – Home] [Disk 2 – Away]

Google Play – [Disk 1 – Home] [Disk 2 – Away]

Spotify – [Disk 1 – Home] [Disk 2 – Away]

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