Amir K – Amir is a part of the Next Generation of Comedy Tour hosted by Ahmed Ahmed and has been opening for Maz Jobrani for quite a while now, but we think he is ready to bust out and really make a name for himself this year. He recently did a spot on the Comedy Juice show at the Hollywood Improv and has a really stacked tour schedule this year, but the big reason we think he is ready to become a household name is because of his performance on stage. He is super funny, does great accents and can really rock the crowd, check him out.


Josh Adam Myers – This dude is definitely ready to step up to the next level this year. The Stand Up Talk staff has seen him many times now at the Hollywood Improv and his sets are super funny, great bits, crazy voice and the best part is he really commits to his performance, he isn’t afraid to go there and the audience goes with him. Another guy to catch if you get a chance for sure.


Grant Cotter – Grant is hot on the scene, he seems to be on every friggin’ show in LA, catch him at any venue, the Laugh Factory and all the So Cal Improvs, he is really energetic and brings a fresh spin to stand up comedy and it seems to be working for him just fine, def a name to remember and an act to catch if you can.

grant cotter

Ahmed Bharoocha – Ahmed is fresh off his visit to the famed Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal and is making a name for himself in stand up. He seems to be in pretty good in the Alt scene in LA as well as the mainstream clubs, he is super funny and is one of those guys who other comics go out of their way to catch him perform.


Reggie Jr – Reggie is by far one of the hardest working comics in the game, we see this dude everywhere and it seems to be paying off for him. He has appeared on the Trippin’ on Tuesday show at the Comedy Store and is def ready to make a break out this year. Catch him if you can to see some crazy characters he does and cool sound effects, again another dude who super commits to his bits and goes there, taking the audience with him on the ride.

reggie jr



  1. comedyfanatic on

    Let me start by saying I LOVE STAND UP COMEDY! I think think is a pretty okay short list of comedians with a chance of getting a break in 2013. Seen all the comics a few times except for Reggie Jr and I’ll briefly share my opinion. I’d see them all again except for…. (Comment Edited By StandUpTalk… No Negativity allowed here 🙂

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