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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by StandUpTalk


5 Great Impressions From Stand Up Comedians

Jeff Richards Impersonates Dustin Hoffman

jeff vs dustin

SNL and Mad TV alum Richards does a spot on impression of Dustin Hoffman that is the best out there. You never see a Hoffman impression which makes it every better to watch. He morphs his face and has the voice down perfect, like watching the Graduate with your eyes closed. Catch Richards around LA, it’s def worth it. Great impressions all around.

Brady Matthews Impersonates Mark Wahlberg

brady and mark

Another impression that you rarely if ever see, Matthews nails this one and it is worth checking out for sure, a crowd fav every time. He performs a lot at the Comedy Store and throws in the Wahlberg now and again. Also does a good DeNiro too.

Heath Hyche Impersonates Matthew McConaughey

heath and mathew

There are definitely a bunch of McConaughey impressions out there but Hyche does it in a very authentic way, turns his ball cap backwards and really gets the face and voice down pat, almost like watching Wooderson in Dazed and Confused. Hyche is a rare performer at the Comedy Store, but if he’s on the lineup, stick around and watch his very original act.

Sandy Danto Impersonates Pauly Shore

sandy and pauly

Danto works impressions into his act throughout and his favorite to slip into is Pauly Shore. Danto has opened a bunch for Shore on the road so he has stories and inside stuff he works into his act, making it funny and sounds really like the Weasel himself.

Lance Allen Impersonates Tracy Morgan

lance and tracy

This is one I just caught for the first time and had to put it on the list. Allen doesn’t look like Tracy Morgan but when he does the on point impression, he somehow makes his face look like him and sounds just like him, it was really something to watch, a definite keeper in Allen’s routine, we hope. Not many Tracy Morgan impressions out there and his is tops.

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