White People get ashy too
If you’ve ever had a black friend, you know that on occasion they can appear to have Ash on them and typically use Cocoa Butter to get rid of it. And so I always thought it was just a “Black Thing” but apparently white people are not only successful, but get ashy as well, a fact that Bill Burr revealed in his special, You People are all the Same. As if we weren’t stealing enough from black culture already.

Well fellow White People, guess it’s Cocoa Butter time.

Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug
richard prior
Richard Pryor was fearless, open and extremely funny. He also used cocaine from time to time. In Live on the Sunset Strip, Pryor bravely and honestly discusses many topics, including the night of June 9th, 1980 when he accidently lit himself on fire while freebasing coke.  A mistake we’ve all made from time to time. Luckily Richard and his little Richard were both fine.

Children’s Shows are not what they Seem
dave chappelle
I grew up watching Sesame Street religiously. Probably because it was an easy way for my mom to get rid of me for an hour a day. And while this show has entertained children for years, it was not until I saw Dave Chappelle during Killin’ Them Softly that I saw the terribly truths of sesame street, including Homeless people in trashcans, drug addicts and pimps.
Thanks Dave for showing me that Sesame Street is basically Hollywood Boulevard.

Black people are more racist than white people
Chris Rock is Hilarious. And extremely racist. The great thing about him is that he doesn’t discriminate in his racism. He hates everyone.
So during his breakthrough HBO Special Bring the Pain, He memorably discusses behaviors in the black community that he finds to be a bit undesirable while making the point that black people are more racist than white people, specifically when it comes to certain members of the black community.  He uses another word for them, but I forget what it is.

Alphabet Cunelingus
Sex Education is school was lacking in many fields, including how to pleasure someone orally. And lucky enough, I never had to listen to my dad try and explain how go downtown. Just my mom.

So I was clueless until I watched Sam Kinison’s sensational special Breaking The Rules where he does every man a favor and explains a technique men can use to make a lady feel shall we say, special? Check it out Fellas. Ladies too, no judgment here.

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