Comic and legendary lead roaster Jeff Ross has a cool new show on Comedy Central call The Burn and we’re real happy it just got a second season. We really love the Roasts that Comedy Central puts on and here’s who we wanna see:

Alec Baldwin – This bag-of-hot-air would be prime meat for Ross and his counterparts on the Roast, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Chelsea Handler – We wanna Chelsea get roasted cause she is so good at it herself that it would be sweet to watch Ross smoke her for breakfast.

Billy Crystal – Billy is a long time legend and we loved him in the 80’s and 90’s and every time he hosts the Oscars, but let’s roast this dude already. Hard core too.

Henry Winkler – There is no reason in the world to roast The Fonz, he is like the nicest guy in the whole world, but we just wanna see if Ross has the goods to slice and dice old Hank.

Lindsey Lohan/Amanda Bynes – Take your pick on this twits, Ross would drill either/both and it would be fun to watch them squirm in their seat for an hour.

Who would you like to see get roasted?

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