It’s a new year and you still haven’t made it, here are five things that will help you reach your goals.

Stop Promoting Pointless Crap
Social media a great tool to promote yourself however you can also promote things that do not need promoting. Use it to tell jokes, promote your shows, or promote completed content, we don’t want to read about your upcoming auditions, your failures, the pilot you are working on, or the people you got to meet, save that for your diary.

Stop Publishing Poor Content
blurry stand up
So you actually have some content you made, now ask yourself should the world see it? Make sure everything you post is quality, if the sketch you wrote didn’t come out as you imagined either re shoot it or move onto the next one. If someone is seeing the video you are posting, would you want it to be there first impression of you? Maybe you taped yourself on stage doing your favorite bit and it killed instead of posting it, record it again except this time professionally. Do you see any of your favorite headliners posting videos of themselves performing with a cellphone or camcorder?

Stop Being Lazy
A lot of people ask us how to get a manager or an agent. Instead of waiting for a friend to refer you or for one to discover you have everything ready for when you meet that right person. That means get professional head shots, an acting reel, a professional current stand up clip, and a website. Have content prepared for when you meat these people, not ideas of things you want to do but things already done. Have a spec script written, have a pilot written, have monologue jokes written, have treatments written, a feature, anything you can think of that you would like to be involved in.

Stop Waiting For The Green Light
Maybe you have all the things listed above, maybe you have a half hour of killer stand up you are proud of or that pilot written. Now quit waiting for those TV doors to open you can shoot it yourself. Professional cameras and equipment are cheaper than ever and you will be even more proud of your content when you produce it yourself.

Stop Whining
DCF 1.0
You have done all the things above but nothing is panning out, your still working your day job. Do it again. If your are truly creating great content, people will notice and you will gain a following or industry attention.

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