They don’t do stand up anymore but we wish they would.

Eddie Murphy – Everyone’s #1, Murphy busted out of the gate in the early 80’s with Delirious and Raw, then became a megastar and never looked back.

Jim Carrey – Regular at the Comedy Store where he did awesome impressions and wacky routines before landing on In Living Color and the rest is history.

Woody Allen – His famous moose joke is legendary, so are all the movies he wrote and directed after quitting stand up.

Judd Apatow – We found a video of Judd in 1992 on the Young Comedians Special and he was great, we assume power player is a better title than hanging around comedy clubs any day.

Steve Martin – Martin is another guy who was a long time stand up that quit cold turkey when Hollywood came knockin’.

Adam Sandler – Sandler has great footage on Youtube of himself at 18 on stage, it lead to SNL and everything else.

Seth Rogan – Rogan apparently started stand up at 14 and did a bunch of jew jokes. Now he’s in big budgeted movies doing a bunch of jew jokes.

Albert Brooks – Brooks got his stand up start on Johnny Carson, then Martin Scorsese put him in Taxi Driver and ended his career on stage.

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