Larry Bird’s 21-year-old son Conner Bird was arrested by Indiana University campus police Sunday after allegedly attacking his GF and trying to hit her with his car. According to campus police, after the argument she got out of the car to walk home then Bird began to chase her through the parking lot in his car – The police noted that Bird’s GF is much better at getting out of cars than Rhianna is.

Valentine’s Day, arrives Thursday, however only about 60 percent of Americans will celebrate, making just about every other holiday except St. Patrick’s Day more popular. But in fairness to the Irish, both holidays make men equally sick to their stomach.

Sports Illustrated was planning to unveil the cover of its 2013 Swimsuit Issue on “The Late Show with David Letterman” Monday night, but an anonymous blogger who goes by the handle, Pink Couture, posted a snapshot of the cover to a forum on Friday, and it almost instantaneously spread across the web. Surprisingly, Letterman seemed unfazed, commenting to his staff, “Blogger? Forum? If I don’t know what these words mean then my remaining audience won’t either. Now can one of you please organize my maps, phone books and encyclopedias? …And for god’s sake get this damn film developed!”

Salwa Amin, one of the stars of the MTV show “Buckwild”  was arrested early Monday morning on a felony drug charge, possession with intent to sell oxycodone, in West Virginia.  Just last week, MTV announced it was going forward with a second season of the show … which is best described as a version of “Jersey Shore.”  with more hillbilly heroin and less herpes medication. 

The Triumph, a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, was about 150 miles off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula when an engine room fire Sunday knocked out its primary power source, crippling its water and plumbing, leaving it adrift. Carnival Cruise Lines said Tuesday it  was working to ensure the thousands of passengers stranded on a disabled ship in the Gulf of Mexico were as comfortable as possible while the vessel was being towed to port in Alabama. Passengers describe conditions such as overflowing toilets, limited access to food water and feces all over the floor.  An anonymous passenger was quoted as saying, “Now all I need is my wife’s period, some Alanis Morisette music and to see one more person shitting in the hallway to make this the worst vacation since we visited Kandahar.” 

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