“Here is a short film I made with some of my best friends last year called Rasberries.

I saw Joe Marrese tell two jokes at an open mic, one about literally being batman and one about raspberries. They were so funny that I spent the next few months making this short based on his hilarious absurdity and unique demeanor.

Besides being one of the funniest comedians in LA, Joe is an extremely gifted actor. Working with him was just so easy and fun, until we were editing. Thirteen cuts later he was happy, and so were my co-producers (Pedro Salinas, Kyle Mizono and Bryan Wolfson), and here it is. I love it.

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who acted and worked in it. Everyone involved sacrificed their valuable time for our bizarre vision, and it made me realize how truly lucky I am to know so many brilliant people. Here are just a few of them:

DP: Jordan McNeile
Production Designer: Caity Birmingham
Original Music: Gust William Tsilis
Acting: Amir Aboulela, Flavius Josephus, Emily Faye, Kyle Mizono, Simon Gibson, Andrew Michaan, Brodie Reed, Tonnell Rodrigue Sr., Tobie Collette, Joel Jimenez, Jesse Elias, Harris Mayersohn, Keegan Smeza, AJ Frydman, Logan Guntzelman, Pat Regan, Jay Weingarten
Sound Design: Chris Kahwaty
Sound Mix: Nick Ronzio
Sound Utility: Tom Pieczkolon
Coloring: Sleeve Smith
Special Effects: Peter Terlaak Poot
1st AC: Valerie Much
2nd AC: Mark Armenta
Gaffer: Philips Shum
Swing Grip: James Serrano
PAs: Brodie Reed, Logan Guntzelman, Brian Christopher Granillo, Koko Lee, Harris Mayersohn
Special Thanks: Dave Kneebone, Tim Kalpakis, Marie Colette, Bryan Erwin, and Craig Coleman Abso Lutely Productions”

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