Today we sat in and listened to the Q & A with Ari Shaffir as he gave new comedians advice in the Main room of the Comedy Store for four hours! Here is a summary and paraphrase of some of the key points he brought up. It should be known Ari did not get paid or charge for this comedy guidance but just wants to help new comics.

  • You don’t need a manager, when you are ready for a manager they will approach you… and even if you had a manager at your early stages what could they really do for you? Hang out at the hot spots where industry and bigger comedians are but don’t be aggressive, be cool and converse. Don’t aggressively ask for things.
  • Have tons of material, constantly write when you are getting those fifteen minute spots you should be able to do way more than fifteen when Ari was middling he had enough material to headline. Have your own voice; don’t try to emulate other comedians.
  • Get better, don’t worry about one specific thing, you should be spreading seeds and trying to get in at all the clubs, if you do not get on TV keep going, if you don’t get into the Montreal festival keep going (Jay Mohr and Bobby Lee never got in).
  • Don’t focus just on standup, there is podcasts, writing, youtube, sketch, improv, and acting.
  • Get along with your peers as they will help you grow the most. Help each other out, give each other advice.
  • Stay in the game, the more you do the better you will get.
  • The best time to hit on a girl is when they are at hot girl auditions amongst all these other hot girls and are feeling very insecure about themselves.
  • Enjoy it, enjoy going to mics and pursuing your dream.


Recap Written By: Ari Mannis

Video Uploaded By: Hormoz Rashidi

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