Author: Joe Glasgow

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Joe Glasgow is a 22 year-old stand up comedian and sketch writer based out of Eugene, OR.

Artists often adapt a different persona when they perform. For comedian Brent Morin, however, his on-stage personality feels nearly identical to his own identity. Morin, 28, has used this asset to develop his act: once a PA on Conan, he has since earned a recurring guest appearance on Chelsea Lately and now stars in the NBC show Undateable. Originally from South Windsor, Connecticut, Morin began his stand up career at just 18 years old in Los Angeles while he was attending Colombia College. But after countless performances that did not meet his standard, Morin realized he was his own biggest…

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“Are you guys super fucked up right now?” Sara Schaefer gleefully asked the crowd as she began her stand up set on the El Chupacabra stage at the Sasquatch! Music Festival. A cheer erupted from the acknowledgement of the super-stoned elephant in the room. The El Chupacabra tent featured the festival’s comedy acts as well as the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) performances. With loud bass coming from the nearby stages and confused ravers scattered in the crowd, this tent was set up to be a less experienced comedian’s nightmare. Sara, on the other hand, won the crowd over almost instantaneously.…

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