Ahmed Bharoocha! He deserves the exclamation point. He is a very, very funny comedian. Ahmed’s comedy is clean poignant and definitely hilarious. He turns simple subjects into grand ideas and relays his point of view with spot on analogies and act outs. He seems to see a lot of the silliness in life that many people miss while meandering throughout the day.  I’ve seen Ahmed Bharoocha many times over the years, and one of my favorite things to watch is that he makes EVERYONE laugh. Old, young, rich, and not so rich are always being affected in the same way. He provokes thought and laughter in the masses. I want more people to know who this guy is, and I think that will be true very soon.

Ahmed began his comedy career in 2004.  Over the course of the past 9 years he has been a finalist at many of the national comedy festivals and competitions. He currently tours the college circuit and is making headway towards becoming a very strong headlining comedian.

Along with being great on stage, Ahmed has come to make a serious impact on the sketch comedy community. His sketch group, Dead Kevin, made Variety magazine’s top 10 in comedy for 2012. Every monday night at 9pm a new sketch is released and Dead Kevin is becoming a sensation.  I highly suggest checking out Ahmed Bharoocha live and online. You can follow him on twitter @AhmedBharoocha He will surely brighten up your night!

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is a stand up comedian located in Los Angeles, CA

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