“Teeheehee.” To me this Brian Moote guy just looks funny, and he is. He’s outright hilarious. Raw, fearless, brash, smart, and ridiculous are a few of the words that pop into my head when I listen to Brian Moote. My mind gets kind of blown too because he’s a clean comic. Rarely, and when I say rarely I’m pretty sure I mean never do I hear this guy curse to cap off a punchline. His writing is methodical and precise, yet he delivers his material in such an honest free flowing way that it seems like should be one of those guys whose act is littered with harsh language. But, it’s not. It’s just funny. Really really funny.

Brian Moote began his career in 2005 in Seattle, Wa then jumped coasts and landed in Boston where he performed 2 to 3 times a night while also getting his Masters degree in social work. (Did I mention this guy was smart?) He now resides in Hollywood, Ca and is a regular at the major clubs. He is in the middle of taking the acting world by storm having been featured on USA network and MTV.

I highly suggest finding time to see and hear Brian Moote live. It is an amazing experience. He tours the nation and you can find upcoming show dates and learn more about Brian Moote at www.mootecomedy.com. I also suggest following Brian on twitter @mootepoints. If I were you I’d do everything I can to get as close to this guy as possible. I heard he smells terrific!

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is a stand up comedian located in Los Angeles, CA

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