Undoubtedly Inspiring. Those are the first and only words that run through my mind any time I listen to a set by Jerrod Carmichael.  Standing at a backyard show in Santa Monica in January of this year I watched him leave an audience in tears.  With a huge smile on his face, Jerrod covers some heavy topics, yet seems to be having a simple conversation with the audience. This “conversation” is delivered with puns, twists, tags, metaphors, and analogies that are second to none. Jerrod’s style is unique. He stops and starts bits in a way I’ve never really seen before. As he destroys the audience at this backyard show in Santa Monica he takes a moment to explain that Bill Cosby told him it’s all about momentum. Jerrod says “These days it’s all about abrupt pauses.”

Jerrod Carmichael began his career at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood and at 24 years old is one of the youngest paid regulars at the club.  Along with being so talented Jerrod is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  You can catch Jerrod at The Comedy Store many nights of the week and the first thing he does when he arrives is hug EVERYONE. I’ve never seen a guy hug so many people. And! After a great set there’s nothing but thank yous and handshakes. The humility in this young man is one of his best qualities.

If you are outside the LA area you might be wondering “Who the heck is Jerrod Carmichael and where can I see this guy?” Well, you’re in luck. According to Daniel Tosh, Jerrod is a special guest on the Tosh June Gloom tour. (I suggest you click on that link and buy tickets now!) You can also follow Jerrod on twitter @notoriousROD. If I were you, I would do my damndest to see Jerrod Carmichael on stage as soon as I can. Doing so will make your life better.

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is a stand up comedian located in Los Angeles, CA

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