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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Zane Helberg

Comedian Spotlight: Diaz Mackie

“WHAT!?! He did not just fuckin’ say that. This dude is hilarious.”

Those are the thoughts that pass through my mind over and over again as I listen to Diaz Mackie enrapture his unassuming audience.  And! He’s got a lisp which makes everything he says so very endearing. He may say that he “Hate’s Whitey,” but I still want to give him a hug. Diaz has class, style, and jokes for days. He is a pleasure to the ears.

Diaz’s career began in Las Vegas in 2006 and he swiftly became a favorite on “the strip.” His brand of lovably raw comedy sets him apart from his fellows and he continues to grow. Every show there is something new and current so it’s always a great idea to enjoy him more than once.

What more can I say? Diaz Mackie is a must see. He is now based in Los Angeles and can be seen at the HaHa cafe in North Hollywood every Monday night. Diaz also headlines across the country, and the best way to find him is to go to his website www.diazmackie.com and follow him on twitter @DiazMackie Be sure to stick around after the show for pictures. Diaz loves to get to know his audience. He is always the last to leave the club so put on your party shoes and be prepared for a hilarious night. With Diaz Mackie at the helm, anything can happen.

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