Note: We love all the comics listed below and find them very funny, but can’t deny they are a tad bit wacko, then again… aren’t we all?

Brody Stevens

Many comics list Brody as one of their favorites and I see up and coming comics being influenced by his one liners. He also talks much about all the medication he is on to keep him sane, his twitter “meltdown”, his hospitalization, and his slight case of being bipolar. Many people do not know when he is acting or being real. Positive Energy!

Michael Richards

While most know him from his role in the hit sitcom Seinfeld he is also know as the n***** guy. While those who know him say he is not racist, those who saw him that night say that he seemed as though he was on drugs. If you watch his latest appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s web series you can see he is harmless just a bit crazy.

Russel Brand

Russell has discussed his issues on several occasions, from drug addiction to mental problems to his appearance Russel is a bit crazy.

Maria Bamford

From her cooky funny personality on stage and the fact that she is slightly bipolar she made our list of being a bit crazy.

Tracey Morgan

He pushes the boundaries of too far, we are not sure whats wrong with him but we love it his craziness.

Martin Lawrence

He has been arrested for several violent outbreaks in the 90’s and has been hospitalized for his craziness.




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    You can’t afford to proof-read or copy edit your work? See if you can spot the illiterate misspelling in this sentence on Maria Bamford.

    Also, apparently your editors and writers can’t write complete articles.

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    Art, we misused one word! Our site must be terrible then! Congratulations you are our first internet hater… We do not hire freelancers and our site is ran by two people. This site makes zero income, instead of bashing us you can politely correct our errors and guess what? We will correct them! If you like other sites more then don’t read our site but do not spam us with links to your website.

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    To be honest with you guys, your response is filled with pretty bad grammar as well. Not trying to douche it up, but own up to it and be nice to the people who come on this site; looks like you’re lucky to have any visitors at all. I wish you the best.

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    Fliz, thank you for the polite comment… however my response to you is… no. Art made a very rude original comment and tried to spam us with a link to another site. As far as being lucky that’s not why this site exists, if people want to visit they are welcome, but we try to keep this site positive and if a negative person doesn’t want to read it anymore that’s fine by us. Like I said before we are not big on grammar if you let us know our mistakes we will correct them.

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