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Published on November 2nd, 2012 | by StandUpTalk


Comedy Podcasts We Listen To

This is a tough post to make because there are literally hundreds and hundreds of comedy podcasts now a days. It seems as though every comic and wannabe comic has one and that is fantastic. As of now I do not know of a way to weed through them all to separate the good from the bad. Anyway I find myself enjoying the podcasts that have guests on them that I am a fan of. So yea these are my favorite out of the ones I have listened too, I have not listened to them all so feel free to post your favorite in the comments for us to check out.


WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron is a comedian who has been around for a long time but never became a household name, all that is changing due to his podcast. The self pitying rambles of Marc and his cat have somewhat grown on me as I listen to him getting deep with known stars and stars who I never bothered to learn there names.

Fitzdog Radio

How fun it is to hear Greg Fitzsimmons talk about his life, regiment, and family while joking around with his guests in the tree house he built for his son. This is another very personal podcast where you learn all about Greg and his life.

The Joe Rogan Podcast

Before checking out this podcast I only knew Joe Rogan from fear factor… I had no idea he started in stand up and was so involved with fighting. The podcast consists of him and his sidekick Brian Redband getting baked and analyzing the mysteries of life with there friends and celebrity guests.

Funny Story Podcast | Tom Shillue

I first saw Tom on comedy central presents when I was a kid and have been following him since. His podcast is full of very funny stories that are worth checking out..


The above podcasts are my favorite out of the “big” podcasts that get celebrity guests. As far as smaller more indie podcast, keep reading.

Little Ethnic Girls

They’re funny, they’re ethnic, they’re short! Maria Shehata and Helen Hong are stand up comedians, killing their parents’ dreams one joke at a time. Every week, they and a guest share the Racist Moment of the Week, call each other out on their love lives, and tackle current events. Little Ethnic Girls bridges the gap between the far east, the mid east, and LA.

So if you havn’t listened to these podcasts, take a gander. If you think something should be on this list that is not, post in the comments.



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