Louis CK – Louie has changed the game in that every comedian now wants what he has, he made over a million dollars from putting his special on his site for $5 with no ticketing company taking their share. He has his own show that he has full control of and he writes a new hour of material every year. This guy is a machine and in our opinion deserves all the success he is getting.

Dane Cook – Before Cook comedians got up on stage and tried to be funny… that’s it. Now you need to be funny and be a business man who markets themselves. Having twitter followers and Facebook followers is now needed along with every other online promotion tool you can think of.

Jerry Seinfeld – While Seinfeld was not the first comedian to make it to TV he certainly made an impact, almost all comics see having their own show as a achievement now and many actors try stand up in hopes of making it through the art of jokes. Note: Seinfeld is back to stand up.

Marc Maron – Podcasts as well as Marc Maron have been around for a while now having his own podcast has blown up his stand up career and many comedians are trying to emulate that now by having a podcast of their own.

Lenny Bruce – Bruce was arrested for using the word Cocksucker and again for using the word schmuck if it wasn’t for him pushing the boundaries we could still be telling knock knock jokes.

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