Carlos Mencia – Mencia has been accused to stealing jokes from several comedians and many of them started their careers by opening for him. He also claims to be a Mexican on stage but was born in Honduras and is clearly American. Finally he was outed on stage for doing it and has since lost lots of respect amongst the comedy community.

Dane Cook – Cook came into stardom in a non traditional way… through myspace. Many comedians thought he didn’t “make it” in the traditional way therfor fuck him… Many say he isn’t very funny he just puts out a lot of energy on stage such as when he ripped his shirt off for his comedy central special. He has also been accused of stealing jokes from Louis CK. We personally believe all that hate is just from him being on top, we think you are funny Dane, keep it up!

Larry The Cable Guy – What started as a bit turned into a character and now his entire act. He gets a lot of hatd because his real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney and he is from Nebraska. He is not a redneck he is acting, its not real.

Carrot Top – While anyone I have talked to in the community who knows Carrot say he is a nice guy. He gets hate from anyone and everyone for being a giant buff ginger who uses props on stage. He makes millions in Vegas and has one comedian of the year. Is he really someone we should hate or are we just jealous?

Honorable Mention:

Jay Leno

So what do you guys think, do these guys deserve to be on this list? Who should take there place?



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