Comedian Danny Lobell, who graces the cover of Heeb magazine this week, is back in the podcast world again with an all new show. Credited for starting the first podcast to feature interviews with comedians, Lobell’s new show, Modern Day Philosophers, was launched August 5th.

The podcast, which is released every Monday, focuses on one comedian and his or her take on a certain philosopher (i.e. Plato, Nietzsche, and George Berkeley). Lobell attempts, with the guest, to understand and comment on a different piece of philosophy. The show,  Lobell admits, is a chance for him to redeem himself for not paying much attention in school. It also attempts to answer the question: Are comedians the philosophers of today?

In three short weeks, Modern Day Philosophers has reached number six on the iTunes charts and clocked in over 20,000 downloads. The guests thus far have included Rick Overton, Matt Kirshen and Wayne Federman. Next week’s episode is scheduled to star Maria Bamford. Also coming up are Zach Sherwin, Ralphie May and Lahna Turner (from The Perfect 10 podcast, of which Lobell is the producer) and TJ Miller.

Want some more Lobell? Check out his recently released debut CD, “Some Kind of Comedian,” available in the iTunes store, and make sure you subscribe to Modern Day Philosophers.

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