Since the beginning of comedy comedians have debated the issue… especially on the road… should we sleep with the waitress?

“I just had a killer set at the comedy club and one of the waitresses told me how funny she thought I was, she then proceeded to present herself to me should I accept?”

Most club managers and owners will probably simply state no you shouldn’t. This is for a number of reasons, what if you get attached to the waitress or she gets attached to you? It can affect your performance or hers. It simply can make things complicated.

On the other hand you have been on the road, your girlfriend just dumped you, and you are lonely. The waitress is clearly down and you are confident you can do this while remaining professional, secretive, and not getting attached. Or what if you are playing a shitty restaurant or bar gig and frankly do not care about ruining your relationship with the venue.

In the end it is up to you, what kind of professional reputation do you want… Are you in this business for the love of comedy or for the puss? All said and done I for one have a weakness for the female body and probably wouldn’t be able to say no.

What would you do, or what have you done in these circumstances?

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  1. As a female I haven’t had this issue, what do you suggest about other comedians, excuse my dry pussy you just did a 10 minute set about being broke, masturbation, Rape, and your personal thoughts about women being useless…
    The service… maybe… but…
    I have a rule, don’t date other comedians, any one else?

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