Here are five sweet Moustache today in the world of stand up.

Steve Harvey
He has been rocking the stache on TV for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Bobby Lee
Although it may not be the thickest of mustaches Bobby rocks it proud.

Kirk Fox
kirk fox
The cool thing about Kirk’s stache is he mixes it up, handlebar, short, shaved, its always a fun surprise to see what facial hair he will be rocking on stage.

Erik Griffin
erik griffin
Sometimes he wears it thin and sometimes thick this guys rocks the stache weather it be on TV or on the stage.

Jesus Trejo
While he jokes about losing his hair on stage his stache isn’t going away anytime soon…

Who did we miss? Let us know who your favorite comedians are rocking the sweet stash.

This Article Was Co-Written By:
Ari Mannis, Brad Sachs

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