More often than not black comics watch black comics, white comics watch white comics, women comics watch women comics… here are five black comics that everyone should know about.

Corey Holcomb
Corey Holcomb
Corey Holcomb has command of the stage like a backroom mob boss! When Corey speaks you almost feel like you shouldn’t be privy to the information he spews! Like a shady strip club owner with no regards towards how you’ll feel about it! Hilarious!!!!

Scruncho delivers the cold hard truth about his life, kids and dating advice with the perspective of a reformed gangsta! Guaranteed to make you laugh until your cheeks hurt!

Essau McGraw
Essau McGraw has got more talents than a Disney character! He does it all with the delivery of a lovable drunk! Hell catch you off guard with his random thoughts and comparisons!

earthquake comedian
Earthquake is probably one if the most unappreciated comedy legends! He can really hurt your stomach with the delivery of an upset father “letting the kids know” funny enough to make you feel like you were kicked in the stomach by a horse!

Shang Forbes
Shang Forbes
Shang Forbes is one of the strongest guys I have seen live! His aggressive truths and facial expressions will make you scream out loud! There isn’t a lot of guys who can follow him! From the moment he grabs the microphone its funny time!

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