Many think that being a comedian is an easy job, you move to LA be funny and get a lucky break… That is not typically how it goes, it takes years to get good at stand up and that’s just half of it, you have to pay the bills working dead end jobs while shamelessly promoting yourself to get known. It ain’t easy and we tip our hat to these five comedians for working very hard at it.

Ian Edwards


He is hilarious, been doing stand up a long time without stopping, he has written for SNL amongst others, podcasts, and acts. Again this man got to where he is through dedication and hard work to comedy.

Dean DelRay


Maybe because he started comedy late in the game or maybe because he is just a hard worker, Dean is out on the scene almost every night, performing multiple sets all around southern California honing his craft. He podcasts and rides a motorcycle. These are just some of the reason we are listing him as a comedian who works really hard.

Willie Hunter


He is young but he has worked hard, got his start working at the world famous comedy store, he on the scene almost every night weather it be performing, hosting, or watching. He also started the Willie Hunter show, keep up the hard work Willie.

Jamar Neighbors


Still on the rise Jamar writes and performs more new material more than most we have seen, again he is on the scene almost every single night which is even harder for him because he lives far away and doesn’t have a car, he is working hard for that goal of supporting himself with comedy.

Sean Kelly


Not as known in the LA scene as the rest of the comics listed Sean is a funny comic who has been in the game for a long time. He started in San Diego and moved to LA to create the show Storage Hunters. Lately he has been very busy in the reality world but has such a dedication to stand up that he started his own club called the Good Time Comedy Club so that he can drop in and perform when he has the time.



  1. Giraldo's Ghost on

    stop kissing up to comics and start being insightful.
    there’s nothing in the article that sets these comics apart from any other.
    if these are really your hard-working top 5, i want to hear about the time they put in daily.

  2. Lots of of anonymous haters… “kissing up to comics”… we are comics and we made this site to promote the comics we think deserve it. These guys are very hard working and if you knew them you would realize there is no reason to kiss up to any one of them as they are all very nice and down to earth. If you do not like the content we produce… stop reading it.

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