Our First List Of Comics Who Crush In LA was so popular we had to make a second one… unfortunately there are so many great comedians in LA that we can’t show our love to everyone but here are five comedians who we see destroy on a regular basis.

Donnell Rawlings
This dude has been crushing audiences lately with a crazy, high energy performance that can be seen around LA nightly. The former Chappelle show cast member has definitely turned up the heat on stage.

Brian Kiley
The long time Conan staff writer (since 1994) crushes with his squeaky clean routine around town, he’s super funny and has been nominated for 12 emmy awards!

Dov Davidoff
dov davidoff
Dov crushes crowds with his off-beat delivery and cool demeanor, he tours like crazy, was opposite Mark Walhberg in the movie, Invincible and has a movie about his life due out.

Adam Devine
This Workaholics star draws in big crowds wherever he goes and then kills them with the funny.

Rusty Dooley
Dooley puts on a performance we’ve never quite seen before, full of comedy, impressions and costume changes…and he crushes up there. Tom Cruise and Robin Williams are just a few you will see him do in a high energy, off the wall show that is well worth checking out.

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