I am sure you heard the news, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are leaving Saturday Night Live. Seth Meyers will also be leaving soon for a late night show. Rumors say that Jason Sudeikis might be leaving also! With all these people leaving we have no idea who they will cast as replacements but we can tell you which stand up comedians we would cast.

John Mulaney
This one is an absolute no brainer, he already writes for the show and has appeared on weekend update. His stand up is hilarious and his pilot didn’t get picked up… If he would even take the job he should definitely be made a cast member.

Melissa Villasenor
This girl can sing, do impressions, and is a bit crazy. We could definitely picture her on the show.

Jeremiah Watkins
His impressions are great, his act outs are unique, he is smart, witty, been through improv training, hosts an improv based standup comedy night, this guy seems to be a perfect fit for SNL.

Sandy Danto
He looks like John Belushi and does very good impressions of both John and other celebrities, this funny man should definitely be considered for SNL.

TJ Miller
Yes we know already auditioned a few years ago but he is hilarious! Hard working, a great imrov, stand-up, writer, and probably anything else thrown at him, give him another chance!

Honorable Mention:

Zach Sherwin
He raps, makes beats, makes videos, and is hilarious we think he would make a decent Lonely Island Replacement.

Yes we know there are other comedians who would be great on the show! Who would you cast?

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