Bars – We have covered this one before, surprising your audience with stand up isn’t exactly comedy conducive but it is a great way to practice and sometimes you can create a pretty awesome comedy show at a bar if done right.
Examples: Jay Davis – The Parlor, Gordon Downes – Til Two Club

Living Rooms – We have heard stories of people throwing a comedy show at there house just to hang out with comedians, people giving there house a name and running open mics, but there is also some pretty cool alternative comedy shows that goes on in living rooms.
living room
Example: Matt Lottman & Frank Chad Muniz – Comedy Living Room, LIVE @ THE APT

Adult Store – Why not make the place that is embarrassing the cool place to go to, this is the show that shows you if you can get an audience comedians will perform anywhere.
Example: Eli Olsberg – The Pleasure Chest

Hostel – Making people laugh is not as easy as it looks now try making people laugh who speak little to no English, its a great way to work out your body language and most of the time these foreigners are kind and supportive.
Example: Miguel Fierro – Hollywood Hostel, Griff Pippin – Santa Monica Hostel

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