• If a civilian (non entertainment) asks why you moved here and you respond with “I want to be a comedian.” Many will laugh at you out loud. So many people move to LA to pursue acting and comedy that when I meet people and tell them why I am here they chuckle. That is how competitive it is.
  • 50% of comedians trying to make it are either not at all humble or not at all funny. While everyone out here thinks they are funny it is interesting that a lot of the competition is either insane or thinks they own comedy.
  • The rumors are true, 50%+ of this industry is about who you know… Yes being funny definitely helps but to be given the right opportunities you need to know the right bookers or show producers.
  • Bringer shows are everywhere, 95% of craigslist shows are bringer shows, they will even try and trick you into these shows, claiming they are not bringer shows but you need people there for support. They will also claim to have talent scouts looking for new comedians. Well let me make it clear, no real talent scouts go to bringer shows to look for talent, if any scouts are there they are checking to see who brought the most people so they can put them onto their bringer shows. Yes I understand its a business, yes bringer shows get good audiences but man are they evil and man do they produce a lot of bad comedy, I really hope to see these shows go away.
  • People will judge you after seeing you one time… many people move to LA to pursue comedy without having ever tried it. I would highly recommend starting in your local town and moving to LA or NY when you have a bit of material you know works.
  • For the most part I have found people to be very friendly… that being said every comedian is your competition so it helps if you have something to offer them.
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