Hyping Yourself Up
If you are a comedian and you are asking to get on a show, we know you think you are funny. Instead of telling us how funny you are, send in a video or be humble by letting your reputation speak for itself. Saying “I crush Every Time,” or ”I guarantee to make your audiences happy,” makes you sound like a egotistical lying douche.

Being Too Aggressive
If you aren’t getting booked for being funny and you feel as though you need to be a little aggressive to get booked,  you can politely say to a show booker, “Hey I really like your show and if you ever have any open spots I would love to perform on it.” Saying to bookers “Can I get up tonight,” “Please put me up,” “What day can I get up,” or asking repeatedly is not a good way to get booked. Besides the fact that you are being booked for being aggressive and not for being funny, the booker will judge you way harsher and in the future will prefer to book people who took a calmer approach.

Asking For More
If you get booked on a show you should be very thankful. Being thankful does not mean you should ask if there is room for another comedian. This puts the booker in an awkward position, even if there is room on the show as lots of comedians are trying to get on. You should refrain from asking when the next you will be booked. Instead say something like, “that was a lot of fun, thanks.” The booker knows you are a comedian, you do not need to let him know that you want to be put on another show.

Not Showing Respect
We have seen tons of big names run the light but the difference between them and you is, they sell tickets. The audience is there to see them specifically. Whether you are crushing it, want to end on a good laugh, or some other reason, the person running the show would much rather keep the show on time than anything else. You might be surprised, but staying within the time given to you can go a long way. There are funny comedians who do not get booked because of the reputation they have built with not giving a ****. The same goes with treating the equipment nicely, if you smash the mic, stand, or stool on the stage and the audience laughs do you think you are going to get booked again? Comedy clubs are businesses, none of which wants to pay for the equipment you break.

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