It’s 2016, there is a comedy boom, and this is the year we are all going to make it.

6. Be Unique
A good way to get someone’s attention is to do something nobody has seen before. Think outside the box. You can still make a podcast or web series but make it different.

5. Be Nice/Don’t Be Bitter
If someone is booking a show and is deciding between two hilarious comedians; do you think he will give it to the guy who asks him how his week is going or the guy who hates everyone and everything? Don’t pretend to be nice, if you don’t consider yourself a nice person then go to therapy and fix yourself.

4. Market Yourself
We are not saying don’t be humble, we are not saying post about every open mic, bar show, or audition you have. That being said if you have something you are proud of; something you did or are going to do, promote it! People want to be around people that have stuff going on. People want your successful energy to rub off on them.

3. Be Helpful
If you are at a show and see the host running around, take pictures of him hosting so he can remember his hard work. If you are on a good show make a poster for it if no one else has. These little things show that you are grateful to be part of it.

2. Be Chill/Real
Even more important than being nice, be someone that people want to be around. Everyone knows the comic that is overly fake nice, the comic that only talks about what he is doing in his career. Be a person, be a chiller who is a good hang.

1. Be Funny
audience laughing
Of course the most important is getting them laughs. If you are killing on stage every time word will get around. If people are leaving the show and you were their favorite the producer will hear about it. If you are doing great everytime and still not getting on shows… then either you are dilusional or you should read the other qualities.

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