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Published on May 22nd, 2016 | by StandUpTalk


Laugh Your Asheville Off Announces 2016 Lineup

The 10th annual Laugh Your Asheville Off comedy festival announced this year’s lineup to perform at the 500+ attended venue. Every comics performs once during the fest.

“We’re proud to welcome over 70 comedians from all around the world
to one of the greatest comedy festivals in the country! Here they are…”


Abhay Nadkarni

Adam Mamawala

Alex Falcone

Alison Weber

Allie Amrien

Andy Gold

Ari Mannis

Ayanna Dookie

Blaine Perry

Brett James

Brian Herberger

Candice Thompson

Carl LaBove

Chloe Hilliard

Christine Little

Craig Todaro

Damon Sumner

Dan Crohn

Dan Wilbur

Danny Lobell

Dash Kwiatkwoski

Diego Attanasio

Dino Vigo

Dougie Almeida

Drew Harmon

Eman El-Husseini

Eric Dasilva

Flip Schultz

Francisco Ramos

Grayson Morris

Holly Lynnea

Jason Webb

Jeff Kreisler

Jeff Zenisek

Jen O’Neill

Jess Salomon

Jody Sloane

Johan Miranda

Jordann Jensen

Kate Ghiloni

Katherine Jessup

Kelly MacFarland

Kevin Kinner

Leo Hodson

Linda Belt

Luke Thayer

Luz Pazos

Lydia Popovich

Lynn Bixenspan

Marcia Belsky

Matt Eriksen

Matt Lieb

Matt Monroe

Mike Calcagno

Nicole Conlan

Pete Bladel

Prateek Srivastava

Rahmein Mostafavi

Raul Sanchez

Ray Connolly

Rob O’Reilly

Ron Babcock

Rosebud Baker

Ryan Brown

Ryan Schutt

Shaun Bedgood

Sofiya Alexandra

Sydney Adeniyi

Tanyalee Davis

Terence Hartnett

Torio Van Grol

Trae Crowder

Valerie Tosi

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