In the whacky world of stand up comedy, coffee does exist up at “The Big Show”. Baseball was my life, Comedy is my passion. How can they exist together? Through work ethic, and preparation, that’s how! No matter how big the stage or the size of the crowd, there is a show for every level of comic. Let’s take a look at the different levels starting from the bottom of “The Barrel”… an open mic. Open mic-ers are considered Rookies. Coffee shops are also known to run shows or hold open mics. These shows are hit or miss… Mostly miss. Strike one! After Rookie ball, if you’re good enough you advance to Single A… you are making progress. In Comedy these would be bar shows ran by other comics trying to make it into clubs.

If you’re really funny the next stop could be Double A. Or in comedy you may get booked on a real show, with real comedians, better yet real audiences. “WOW” Greg Buckman. At this point you probably are still hungry and not satisfied. Double A players are often called up to The Big Show (Major Leagues), hence the Cup of Coffee, so to speak. When a comic gets a chance to open for a major player they better be ready. When they call your number again you bet you better be ready. I listen to Katt Williams a lot and how he says “If you want to be a professional you need to train like a professional” comparing his methods to NBA players. Repetition is the key, trial and error will prevail.  You have to work out your comedy just like your baseball.

Triple A players and Comics can make a great living but never make it on TV. If and when you get a chance and you want to stay up at the Big Show you better perform or else that club is going to send you packing back to some little Podunk hole in the wall bar sipping bitter beer with old balls.

The word Headliner is thrown around when a Major Name is to perform at a venue. Headliner and Major Leaguer are equivalent when it comes to drawing attention and attendance.

How do you become a Major League Comedian? Practice, practice, practice, write, write, write, and work it out. Study the game and its players, listen to the sounds, watch the different styles, enjoy the off season. Yes, off Season. Most importantly be funny. Anyone who sells out arenas or lands a sitcom is considered an All-Star.

If you want to know what happened to my baseball career, I would have to say I had issues. If you want to know why I do Standup Comedy it’s because I still have issues.  With all that said, I don’t believe in rules when it comes to comedy. These are only words pieced together from my brain. “Funny is Funny” The scouts will hear about you.  Strike three, Foul tip. I’m still alive. Next pitch…

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is a stand up comedian located in Los Angeles, CA and a two time draft pick of Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals.

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