I know its kind of a dick move to name your least favorite comic on an online magazine and an even bigger dick move to list reasons why, but I’m gonna do it.

My least favorite comic of all time is Fozzie bear. Here’s why…first of all, Fozzie is a shit comic. He cant even formulate a joke and people throw shit at him. Like tomatoes. He thinks he is good and that’s what is amazing to me.

He also has no idea how to dress. That hat he wears is way too small, what an idiot. The scarf is total hipster shit and doesn’t work for me. His voice is high, he could never headline, no one could listen to him for an hour.

What pisses me off about Fozzie the most is that prick does tons of TV and movies. He gets tons of opportunity and bombs, at least I think so. I may be bitter, but come on. I mean, he’s a nice guy, don’t they finish last? Not Fozzie bear, no, he’s had like a 40 year run in Hollywood. Its sad he just does big budget movies now and doesn’t go perform at the smaller comedy clubs like back in the day. Must be nice.
I smile knowing that yes, Fozzie has a lot of female fans, but all of them are way underage so good luck with that pal. He may be on drugs too. I liked him as a kid, but that was many years ago. Now, he’s my least favorite comic of all time.

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