8162 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

Monday and Friday at 5:30PM (Typically A Bit Less Comics On Friday)

Make sure to check their website before making the drive as the mic gets canceled fairly frequently due to conflicting shows.


At the Hollywood Improv you will get the feel of a real comedy club this is from a chain of clubs that literally the created the iconic stand up red brick wall. It is a lottery system to get on. While they do pick some regulars to go on they also genuinely draw from the lottery for many of the spots. The hosts are funny, friendly, and work at the Improv. Occasionally I will see a booker drop in and watch a couple comics but not for long.


Usually it is a typical open mic audience of just comics but more often than most places you will get the occasional “real” audience members.


You get a tight three minutes here and if you read our interview with one of the hosts Peter, I wouldn’t run the light. Also the host will come up on stage and embarrass you. None the less you get three minutes at one of the most well known comedy clubs in America so you will be seen by many up and coming comics therefor it has the potential to be very productive.


Free baby


A well ran open mic at one of the top clubs, chances are you will not get a spot, chances are there will be just comics in the audience, chances are you will not get famous from a spot here, but when you get up here and do well it feels like your doing it.

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