7351 Sunset Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 876-7265

The Open Mic7 Days a Week (5pm-11pm) – $5.00 cover charge gets you multiple sets of 5 minutes each to test your material.

There are many mics in LA, coffee shops, bars, backyards, restaurants, and comedy clubs. Marty’s has a better feel than most. It has three different stages, a main stage with a host and a sign up sheet, a private room, and an outdoor stage. This place is meant to be a place to perform comedy and nothing else. It is right on Sunset Blvd next to a liquor store and places to eat. That being said this place is not as nice as a “real” comedy club, it has low ceilings, and almost feels as though you are performing in someone’s house. That being said the owner is nice guy who you can catch trying jokes..

For the most part there is no audience here except for other comedians… occasionally a comedian will bring a friend or two but don’t come expecting a show.

Marty’s is what you make it, some hate it since there is no audience but you do have the opportunity to go over your material with other comedians, and most importantly get up on stage.

It costs $5 to perform or watch here, now this place needs to make money somehow so it is understandable but none the less there are free mics around town or places where you must buy something to perform but at least you get something.

This isn’t a high end comedy club where you will get noticed, it costs $5, and you don’t have an audience. All that being said if you are itching to get up on stage and work out some jokes, Marty is always there for you.

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