OK so right off the bat in song number 1 there’s a goddamn annoying hiss made all the more annoying by the fact that it’s barely audible and you might not even notice it. This is because this album was recorded to analog tape in a bounce house at an 11 year old Salvadorian kid’s birthday party that quickly descended into chaos of the highest (420) order. Thankfully 5 seconds later harmonica comes in overpowering the puny finger picking, and it sounds really good. 99 percent of people who are non-assholes say it sounds better than Donald Trump snoring while he dreams he’s a caped superhero dropping shits on Syria and the shits blow up and all the refugee women have huge tits and flash him as he soars by.

The next song is better but still not the definitive version of that song but audiences like that song when I play it live so fuck a duck why not unleash it on the 20 people who are gonna stream this album. There’s a dude interrupting me while I’m writing this at an open mic at the East Hollywood bar Karma Lounge. “I’m just looking for love in all the wrong places,” he literally just said to me. Quick shoutout to the short comedy video I shot at Karma Lounge with the love of my life Adam Allgood where we got David Arquette to put on old man makeup and stabbed him to death in an alternate reality version of the film Gran Torino…

Anyway the 3rd song is the Facebook song, which I wanted to put out because I’d made a music video of that song for College Humor but they own the full band recording I did for it. So I’m releasing this acoustic re-recorded version now. It’s not like I could put it out on my next album because it’s about Facebook which is already a dated reference. We’ll see if Facebook’s still around in 2030. This dude at the bar has been talking to me this whole time I’ve been writing. “But I’m still looking for love in all the wrong places,” he recapitulates. He also says he’s afraid to write himself and he’s got to change professions because he’s good at drinking and spending money and all that but he’s tired.

Ok so song 4 is called “General Motors” and I love this recording. The song came from a relationship I was in. Every relationship I’ve been in has yielded 1 great song (by my standards – I’m no Neil Young). Even though I kinda hate songs about relationships because who fricken cares and I feel like gay ass Conor Oberst.

Thankfully track 5 – “Jeff and Baby Boy Forever” kicks in¬†and lifts the mood out of that corny ass territory¬†This song is part 4 of a quintilogy of love songs called the Greg’s Dad Quintilogy. This album was recorded over 3 days or maybe just 2 – months apart at the now defunct Lolipop Records studio in Echo Park.

There’s a bunch of other songs on it I’m not gonna get into because frankly the law of diminishing returns is real. Anyway I stand by the album and would be happy to leave it behind when I die and I think a lot of young humans would enjoy it if only they could hear it. Stick around after the last song, there’s a DVD bonus feature after 4 minutes and 20 seconds of silence. And as for the guy at the bar, 45 minutes later, he said “looking for love in all the wrong places” again.

Listen to it here:

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