In this edition of Run the Light we interview comedian Theo Von.

Ari: If you were not doing stand up comedy/entertainment what would you be doing?
Theo: I would be a lawyer or a step dad.

Ari: When did you start doing stand up comedy?
Theo: 2004, in New Orleans.

Ari: Who were your favorite comedians to watch growing up?
Theo: Chris Rock, George Carlin, and my brother.

Ari: You seem to have a laugh every few seconds weather it be from your tone, dialect, or punch lines during your stories, do you consciously make it so every sentence or two gets a laugh or does it come naturally?
Theo: I just try to hit em hard.  God gave me this lil silver tongue and I’m trying to use it.  And I’m occasionally chasing chicks.

Ari: You talk about some controversial topics such as race,  have you always been able to discuss anything you want on stage?
Theo: Who doesn’t want to talk about race?  Its all over and its fun. We are different, I like us different.  If we were all the same, wth, smh, nolol.

Ari: You have a section on your website where you mess with people over text messaging, you now host the hidden camera show on TBS “Deal With It” how did that role come about?
Theo: One beget the other.  The producers saw that I was inclined in the ‘prank world’ via crank texting. The amazing EPs Roy Bank, Mike Marks, Mike Harney, and the hilarious everyman EP Howie Mandel, thought I would be a good fit. It has been so much fun I can’t tell you. Well… actually, yes I can!  Its a blast and I learn so much all the time.  The new season premieres March 19th on my birthday, it’s on TBS, and its going to be friggin hilarious.  #DealWithIt

Ari: What has been your favorite moment on Deal With It?
Theo: There is a father daughter segment in the new season that is amazing.  Getting to work with Nick Cannon and the Jenner girls and Joan Rivers. Joan was so cool, and still is, if she’s alive when this comes out (jest).  If I could go back in time and come out of a different woman it would be her.  She is a special person.  Overall, I could honestly say every moment. Also there was a moment the other day during taping where I got about as close as I will ever get to Heidi Klum and if that don’t get your blood to run thick I don’t know what does.

Ari: You have now had your own Comedy Central special, a CD on iTunes, and host a TV show, what are your goals for the future?
Theo: I want to continue to learn about hosting and producing. I am working on an hour special and a book. I have an animated pilot with a network that my co writer Chip Hall and I are working on. I want to find me a good woman as well.  My mega crushes have always been Melissa Gilbert and Ryan Seacrest, even though I’m straight.

Ari: What is one piece of advice you would give to young comedians reading this?
Theo: Don’t be a deadbeat dad.  I’m not one, but you shouldn’t be either.  Oh, about comedy?  Idk.  Do what you do until someone starts paying you. Then do what they tell you to do.

Ari: Anything else you want to share with the world?
Theo: Nah I’m trill.  See you at the Comedy Store on Sunset.

You can find Theo At
Get Ready for All New Hilarious Pranks, March 19 at 10:30/9:30c on Deal With It!

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