In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian and StandUpTalk writer Brad Sachs.

Ari: How did you get into comedy?
Brad: I started doing stand up a long time ago because my acting teacher Melissa Skoff suggested I give it a try. It took a while to figure out what I was doing up there but I’m glad I stuck with it.

Ari: You have been up at the Parlor lately, hows that going?
Brad: Doing the Parlor is really awesome, just getting a chance to open the show a few times is a nice break for me and I thank Jay Davis a lot for the spots. It’s a really hot show around town and the crowd is into it right from the beginning of the show.

Ari: You recently got to host a show at the Hollywood Improv, tell us about that.
Brad: I got to host the Brian Swinehart and Friends show and it was great! I love the Improv, it’s one of my favorite clubs, so to be able to host a show in front of a packed house was really exciting, it was a great line-up too, I think the audience liked what I was doing as a host.

Ari: You’ve done a bunch of guest spots at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, what up with that?
Brad: I grew up back there, so I’m back there a lot and Helium has been super cool about getting me up whenever I’m in town. It’s a great spot for comedy, always sold out. I’ve gotten a chance to do guest spots on shows with Todd Glass, Judah Friedlander and Dom Irrera. The best one spot I did there was on a Patrice O’Neal show right before he passed away, he was cool to me and I’ll always remember that.

Ari: Your hair seems to be getting pretty wild, is that just for the ladies?
Brad: The hair is for the whole world to enjoy, not just the ladies. I’m hoping it becomes its own character, like Rachel from Friends, her hair was more popular than she was.

Ari: I’ve seen your acting reel, you’ve been on some cool shows, you ever get recognized?
Brad: Ha, that’s funny. One time, I was working as a waiter and a lady asked, “Weren’t you on Grey’s Anatomy last night?” I said, “Yeah I was, can I get you more iced tea”? Wrong place, wrong time lady.

Ari: You’ve done some great interviews and articles for this website, any comics you’d like to interview one day?
Brad: Wow, there are really so many for so many different reasons, but I’d say Don Rickles, Ellen Degeneres and Andrew Dice Clay. A few are dead so no go there, but those would be pretty cool to interview I think.

Ari: What are your future goals in the biz?
Brad: I’d like to land another TV show, but also would love to hit the road and tour as a stand up. Being a writer on a show wouldn’t be too bad either.

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