In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian Brady Matthews

Brad: You recently were made a paid regular at the world famous comedy store, was that the coolest thing ever or what?

Brady: Being passed at the comedy store was one of the hardest things I think mentally I could have gone through, one minute you think you’re on the right track and the next you’re being beat down or criticized for doing something wrong on stage from the booker. There is a lot of ups and downs, and just because you get passed doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed great spots, but to answer your question, yes. To have your name on a wall with so many other great comedians is quite an honor.

Brad: Our favorite bit you do is your insane impression of Mark Wahlberg, you don’t see many Wahlberg impressions out there, you think he’s heard about it?

Brady: I bet he hasn’t, I’ve always loved doing the impression, it’s one of my favorites to do. Hopefully someday I can do it for him (Laughs).

Brad: You’re selling your comedy t-shirts these days, it says Vagina on it, monster seller?

Brady: My shirt really has nothing to do with my comedy, but it’s a shirt I thought of, and it’s a great seller after shows.

Brad: If the t-shirt sells, would you consider a fragrance line?

Brady: That’s a funny question. I’d love to do a fragrance line! Not sure it would be a hot seller but hey I’m open to anything, no pun intended.

Brad: You recently appeared in the movie J Edgar as well as the TV show Femme Fatales, how is it getting your acting on?

Brady: Acting with one of my hero’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood directing me was a dream come true, Femme Fatal on the other hand was a different story, having sex on a desk with a sock on your junk in front of thirty people is not my idea of a good time, but there is a first for everything.

Brad: You’re also a painter, selling many canvases?

Brady: I just sold three paintings before Christmas, I love painting. Great outlet for after shows, instead of getting hammered like I use to do, I’ll go home and paint. Much more rewarding. Anyone interested in purchasing or seeing my art go to Brady M. Art on Facebook, or you want a T-shirt go to

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