In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comic Brent Morin

Brad: You just attended the famed Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, how cool was that?

Brent: It was an amazing experience. I didn’t think I would have as much fun as I did, just because everybody told me i was going to have a blast. Don’t tell me I’m going to have fun that makes it impossible to actually have fun. You have to tell me it’s OKAY or WHATEVER, so that when I get there it can actually be fun. Luckily it lived up to the hype and I didn’t want to leave. I even drunkenly tried to push my flight back but it didn’t work. ANYWAY! I highly recommend it.

Brad: Your closing bit on stage a lot has you singing, you have a crazy insane voice! How long have you been singing?

Brent: Haha well I have a good voice as far as comedians go. I think if I were singing in a jazz club or something people would be like “that guy wasn’t bad, but how GOOD were the rest of the singers tonight!”. Regardless, I’ve been singing my whole life. My older brother was a pianist and also performed in a lot of Opera’s. So I would go to a ton of musicals and Opera’s growing up. In the summer we would have Opera singers stay at our house. So every morning I was waking up to the loudest possible singing in the shower, ever. The point is I was surrounded by music and art my whole childhood, so singing was encouraged as well as acting or creating in general. And when you don’t feel embarrassed to do something you tend to keep doing it… Now I can’t stop.

Brad: You recently were made a paid regular at the famous Comedy Store, how does it feel to have your name on the wall there?

Brent: Honestly? It feels amazing. You daydream about it happening but a part of you starts to think “Ahhh it’s never going to happen”. So when it does it’s a crazy feeling. It makes you feel accomplished and like an actual comedian. I love that club and recommend it to ANYONE who wants to be a comic. If you can play there you can play anywhere.

Brad: Lately, you’ve made some appearances as a guest panelist on the Chelsea Lately show, signing autographs now or straight back to the grind?

Brent: Immediately back to the grind. I think it’s going to take more than 3 appearances on a basic cable late night show for people to be chasing me through the streets. With that said, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again sometime.

Brad: You worked for the Conan O’Brien show, cool experience?

Brent: Best comedy teaching ever. I love it there. Those people are, and always have been too good to me. I learned just by watching Conan about the PROFESSIONAL aspect of comedy. Taking each bit seriously and realizing the potential of something. Not just goofing around and “hoping” you get something out of it. Actually putting in the work. He is a mentor to me and doesn’t even know it.

Brad: You do some cool Youtube videos with Rick Glassman and Jon DeWalt, those guys seem insane and very funny at the same time. Anything new on the horizon?

Brent: Well Jon and Rick are insane in the best possible way. They have that sketch group “That Guy and His Friend”. Which if you haven’t checked out you must. It’s basically a comedy group without a straight man. Other people ask me to be in sketches and videos and I usually turn them down, but with Jon and Rick, they just make me laugh. I liked their videos before I was in one. NOW though the 3 of us live in the same building. We’re all neighbors so I feel like we’ll end up doing more ridiculous shit. I always said that Jon and Rick are like my anti-depressants. They always have this kid like energy that can just make you feel happy and excited for no reason, like you’re teenager again, and when they’re TOGETHER? forget it… it rises to a ridiculous level. To a level where I’m surprised the cops haven’t been called. They’re loud as shit. Which then makes me loud as shit. It’s a hilarious complex and probably the most annoying too.

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