In this edition of Run The Light we interview comedian Danny Lobell.

Ari: What are you going to wear to your CD release party?
Danny: I never give much thought to what I’m going to where because when you’re a fat guy you’re just happy if anything fits. If you put a shirt on and it looks and feels comfortable on you; you’re like wow what a score I look phenomenal so that’s what I’m to go for… a shirt that fits.

Ari: How long did it take you to accumulate the material for the CD?
Danny: The material on this album is from the first 10 years of me doing standup so probably as much as seven of those years worth of material made it onto the album in some carnation or another. It’s pretty cool and it’s also very cathartic in a way. it’s a great feeling of being able to release and relieve myself of this stuff in a way that I know I got credit for it somewhere and exists in the universe if people want to hear it. Now I don’t ever have to see think about or do it again

Ari: Why did you choose to record the CD in Scotland?
Danny: The reason I just to do it in Scotland is because the club the Stand in Glasgow is my favorite club in the world. It’s one of the first clubs I ever did when I started doing standup. My mom is from Glasgow so I’ve spent a lot of time there in my life, it’s a very special place to me. Also my grandfather helped build the city up. He had a chain of clothing stores that his father started so there’s a lot of personal history in the city with my family and it just seemed like the right place for my first CD to come from.

Ari: You produce the perfect 10 pod and you used to have your own podcast, do you have any interest in starting your own podcast?
Danny: I did a podcast called Comical Radio for eight years it was the first of its kind. I interviewed over 1000 comedians so I got very burned out on the whole interview podcast thing. When Ralphie And Lahna approached me about doing a podcast and having me work with them on it I wanted to make sure that it was very different and the format was nothing like what was already out there. I am starting another podcast of my own which will be up this week it’s called “podcast of podcasts” and what I want to do with it is just basically work out and workshop material be it characters, bits, just weird audio sayings, and every now and then maybe just have a fun come over and be weird with me. I’m doing it for myself mainly and not looking to build it into anything. It’s more just for fun this time around

Ari: What advice would you give to someone starting a podcast?
Danny: If you’re doing it for the reason of trying to build up a big show then you want to be consistent in when you release episodes, you want to be consistent in what your show is about, and you want to make sure it sounds very good and doesn’t drag on endlessly (set a time limit and don’t be afraid to edit) If you’re doing it just in the way that I’m releasing my new podcast (Danny Lobells Podcast of Podcasts) then just have fun who cares! it’s just for you and your enjoyment and anybody else wants to come along for the ride do your thing there’s no such thing is making a mistake in jazz and if you think you heard one that just means you just don’t get it man!

Ari: Now that you have recorded this CD what is your next big project?
Danny: The next thing is the next CD I’m been trying to work up another hour and am hoping to record it next year in South Africa that’s the plan anyway and see if it happens. I hope to just keep generating more and more material there was a point where I realized I am already doing what I love so now it’s just about figuring out how to make a decent living at it. If I could keep making CDs and selling them building a following and doing more and more shows that should work out fine for me.

Ari: How much new material have you made since the release of your CD?
Danny: I have a good 20 minutes that I’m proud of since the CD was recorded. It should be more but I drop a lot of stuff as I go and it takes me a while to feel OK with a piece of material to the point that I can call it ready, so yea 20 Minutes.

Ari: Anything else you would like to say to the people?
Danny: Just please buy the album I need the money.

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