In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian Dean DelRay.

Brad: You were recently made a paid regular at the Comedy Store, how’s it feel to get your name on the wall there?

Dean: The Comedy Store is my favorite place in the world. I used to hang at there in the late 80’s. It has this rock n roll outlaw vibe that i just love. The Store has taught me everything I know about comedy so far, the potluck system on Sundays and Mondays is the best. To be part of that history is just amazing. I would be nowhere without them.

Brad: You’ve got a new podcast with Kevin Christy that you guys are doing called “Let There Be Talk” tell us about that.

Dean: My new podcast is called Let There Be Talk its not with Kevin Christy but he was a guest on it and also did this amazing artwork for the logo. Kevin rules! The original idea of the podcast was to get musicians on and ask them if they ever wanted to be a stand up comedian and who are some of the comedians they really liked. Its just kinda turned into a shooting the shit with who ever comes over to my house. The last few guest have been Kevin Christy, Jason Nash, Kyle Kinane, Jakob Dylan Wallflower, and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. I always try and keep it music based.

Brad: My favorite joke you do is where you talk about how people aren’t afraid of other people that have tattoos these days, what up with that?

Dean: Tattoos are kinda a bummer these days. What they don’t tell you when your getting your tattoo’s is other people with tattoos are gonna come up and talk to you for the rest of your life and its usually the worst person which can be a bummer.

Brad: Before your comedy career took off, you had a rock ‘n roll career, which is better, comedy or rock?

Dean: Music has been very very good to me but comedy wins for one reason. NO SOUND CHECK

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