In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian Fahim Anwar.

Brad: You’re a paid regular at the Comedy Store, how does it feel to have your name on the wall there?

Fahim: It was weird, I didn’t think I’d care as much as I did the day I got passed but it was a really great feeling and milestone for me. As every comic knows it’s a tough nut to crack and there’s no road map for navigating that place so sometimes you question if you’ll ever get passed. Once it happens a burden is lifted. It’s cool to not have to worry about that anymore but then your new worry is spots and time slots. It never ends! But that’s part of the fun. It does feel good to be a part of that institution and it’s history by having my name on the wall. I remember scrolling through the Comedy Store website when I was 17 years old living in Seattle and contemplating doing standup comedy so it’s strange and cool to be performing there as a paid regular every week.

Brad: The Next Generation of Comedy Tour hosted by Ahmed Ahmed seems to be in full swing these days, tell us about that.

Fahim: Yeah, the tour is literally just kicking off. We started with our LA show at the Comedy Store and we’re actually off to Dallas then Houston this weekend. NY, DC, SF are destinations as well to name a few. Full schedule here should be fun. I’m just thankful Ahmed Ahmed wanted me on it. When I first got passed at the store I was doing suuuuper late night spots in obscurity and he was one of the firsts of the paid regulars to take notice and be complimentary which was nice. I’m looking forward for some of my fans across the U.S. to finally be able to see me because I pretty much just stay in LA. This is a great opportunity to connect with them in person rather than just online and play some cool venues.

Brad: You’ve been doing some parts on TV shows in the last few years, how is it getting your acting on?

Fahim: Thank you for calling it “getting your acting on” as it should be referred to always. Yeah, that’s cool to have done and continue striving to do in addition to standup and the sketches I do. I audition from time to time and booking a part is always fun. I feel like standup and acting are hands that wash each other. You raise your profile via standup, people want to cast you in stuff. You book something on TV, people want to come out to your standup shows.

Brad: We love the robot bits you do while on stage, you think robots are taking over one day or no way dude?

Fahim: So funny. I’ve actually retired the robot bit or at least it’s gone into hiatus. It’s strange, that robot bit always does really well in the Comedy Store Original Room but is very inconsistent everywhere else. It’s too inconsistent to do regularly so I treat it like a B-Side now. But the people who love it LOVE it, hahaha. It’s funny when I’m doing it and people aren’t digging it ‘cuz I just look like a lunatic. I don’t think robots will take over although that gives me an idea for a bit…

Brad: You seem to have new material every time on stage, what’s your secret man?

Fahim: Ha, don’t know if it’s a secret. I think there are a couple things that contribute to it. I know my voice (point of view) really well and that comes from having done standup for 10 years. When something strikes me as funny I know how to convey my thought pretty easily and without much effort. A lot of things strike me as amusing every day and I know my comedy language. Another factor is that I get no greater satisfaction than from a bit that works for the first time. I’m always chasing that. Creating a killer bit is like a puzzle and that’s the process I love.

Brad: Your Youtube videos are really great, which are your favorites?

Fahim: Oh, thanks. Yeah, I’ve got a lot of vids out there. When I first started making them they were very DIY and there was a charm to it but now it’s nice to have good production quality like the stuff I’m putting out with my sketch group Goatface. I’ll give you my top 3 vids I’ve done.
Pilot Season
Last Coke
Favorite dancing vid I’ve done “Girl”

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