In this edition of Run The Light we interview comedian Greg Fitzsimmons.

Ari: You started podcasting way back in 2009, it seems that everyone and their mom has a podcast these days, do you think the market is over saturated?

Greg: I know nothing about business and marketing but my gut has always been that it is great that other people are joining in. Right now there are relatively few people listening to podcasts.  Every time someone new comes in they are bringing more people into it.  Once someone listens to one podcast they will likely listen to more, so all boats rise with the tide.  That being said, some of the boats seem to be floating adrift in a sea of choice-less broadcasting.  You may need Dramamine.

Ari: Do you find that talking for over an hour on the podcast helps you with your stand up?

Greg: It might be just the opposite.  I learned in standup to try not to be boring, so if it feels like that during a podcast, I do what any great host would; I insult the guest so that they will stop sucking.

Ari: Is there anyone you wish you could interview for your podcast?

Greg: Usually when I get someone I really want, it is not as good of a conversation as it should be.  It’s too easy for me to become enamored and forget who I am.  I prefer someone I’ve never met or thought much about.  Then I just allow myself to go after the story wherever it is and however I need to get it.   Usually that means insulting them so they stop sucking.

Ari: You are known to have that angry Irish in you and get into fights, has that had any negative or positive impacts on your career?

Greg: There is not much of a line between who I am and what my ‘career’ is (I’ve always hated when comedians use that word).  I’m sure my temper is behind me going into comedy and what has kept me at it so long.  And I’m sure for everyone who finds it compelling there is someone who thinks I must be an asshole.  Did someone just call me an asshole?!

Ari: You have performed on every major talk show, had two Comedy Central specials, written on some major television shows, won an Emmy, have had your own radio station and podcast, and published a book, what has been the most important and meaningful accomplishment for you?

Greg: Being a dad and a father.  Sounds corny and I would not have said that even a few years ago but now there is nothing that comes close.  Maybe I needed to get a lot of that stuff done because I have always worked so hard at it, but it’s a lonely world and having a close family is the shit.

Ari: What is one piece advice would you give to a new comedian?

Greg: Most of the comedians I find interesting did not follow anyone’s advice.  Good comedy is by definition rebellious and is gotten to through doing it your way. Advice is for comedians who want ‘careers’.

Ari: Any new projects you are working on?

Greg: I have a new one-hour special coming out on Comedy Central this Spring and a pilot I shot recently that we are waiting to hear about.

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