In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comic Jake Weisman.

Ari: I recently discovered you from the Huffington Post having your video with the heckler spilling a bag of cocaine on stage. I then found your podcast, other podcast, sketches… what would you say most of your followers know you from?
Jake: I wouldn’t say I have a following AT ALL but if anyone is aware of me I guess it’s from doing stand-up shows around LA and possibly from my sketch group. The Morning After…Podcast just ended, but maybe some people are aware of my human existence from that. I suppose Twitter might count for something too, but I don’t know how to gauge that.

Ari: What went through your head when you first realized cocaine fell onto the stage?
Jake: “Jackpot.” I had no idea what I was doing mounting him, and so when the cocaine fell out, I felt such a relief. I knew the situation had gone from weird to somewhat insane and it was exciting because I felt I finally had full leverage in the situation.

Ari: I noticed you recently did your last episode of the morning after… are porn stars as awesome as I have imagined them to be since I was 12?
Jake: The word “awesome” is not necessarily how I would describe porn stars. I mean sure, some are. I think the main thing we wanted to accomplish with that podcast was to humanize the people who perform in porn and the adult entertainment industry in general. Too many people criticize people who work in that industry while failing to realize it’s mostly just a bunch of people doing something they love to do for a living. There should not be any judgment attached to it, just acceptance. That being said, some of the guests we had on are quite awesome, interesting, unique people.

Ari: How did you get started in comedy?
Jake: I turned 26 years old and was horribly depressed and I hadn’t written anything in years and I wanted to be a writer (at least that’s what I was telling myself).  Even though I did not feel that I was funny, I had a few friends who did stand-up and I thought it would be a good way to start writing every day. So I asked some of my friends who were doing comedy where I should go and they directed me to some open mics, and I started performing without having a clue what a joke was. I did not intend on doing comedy more than a few months.

Ari: Who are you favorite comics?
Jake: THERE ARE SO MANY!!!!!!!! Eddie Pepitone, Maria Bamford, Kyle Kinane, Bill Burr, Rory Scovel, Sean Patton. I am gonna have to stop there because I have so many more.  So many of my friends are my favorite comics but I will have too much anxiety when I leave someone out by mistake. There are so many goddamn good comedians and it’s incredible to get to be performing comedy at a time when there are so many brilliant people working and on the rise.

Ari: What projects or goals do you have set in the near future?
Jake: I want to keep getting better at stand-up and to travel more and more for it. I want to be happy more of the time. I have so many goals it would be impossible to list. I want every cat to have a home. I want every cat to have my home.

Ari: Besides comedy, porn, and cat any other passions or hobbies?
Jake: Cats. Did I mention cats? Please make sure to mention cats.

Ari: Anything else you would like to add or tell the stand up fans?
Jake: Anyone can do stand-up. ANYONE. If you have the hankering (hankering is a real word, right?), just do it. The fear is completely in your mind. There is really nothing to fear. I had no idea I could even go on stage until I was 26. I had no interest in comedy and now it’s my favorite thing, besides CATS CATS CATS CATS. So I guess what I want to say is if you want to do comedy, just please do it. Find a way. You can probably do way more with it than you ever thought possible. It might change your life in the most incredible way. It did for me.

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