In this edition of Run the Light, we chat with comic Jessica Michelle Singleton

Brad: Just saw you host a great show at the Hollywood Improv, got more hosting gigs coming up?

Jessica: Thanks! The next show I’m scheduled to host isn’t until January 18th & 19th. I’ll be hosting all weekend at Flappers with Jeff Richards from Saturday Night Live. I was attempting to take a break from standup in December to focus on some acting and writing stuff but I still have been adding a bunch of shows for the month because I am obsessed with stand up.

Brad: You’re from Alaska, are you the most famous comedian from there?

Jessica: I don’t know too many comedians from Alaska but I’d say my personal favorite and possibly the most famous is Hailey Boyle. I’ve done a couple shows with her recently and she just made her TV debut this year on the TV Guide Network. If you haven’t had a chance to check her out I definitely recommend her. Highly. If I’m ever compared to her and people say that I’m just as great, that would be an amazing compliment. But she definitely takes the cake. She’s a killer and I’m surprised she isn’t already a household name. One of my absolute favorite comedians, hands down.

Brad: You kill it on Facebook with your jokes, what’s your secret?

Jessica: Ever since I made a Facebook “fan” page, my personal page is actually just more stupid quotes and me trying to fundraise for a bunch of random organizations than anything funny. But I appreciate the compliment. I don’t have any secrets to making funny posts on Facebook other than to have complete disregard for the feelings of people who may read your Facebook.

Brad: Saw you are going for the popular America’s Got Talent, got your hot 90 seconds together?

Jessica: I’m actually still trying to figure out what bit I want to use for it. I feel like America’s Got Talent really tends to lean more toward “Vegas style” acts that maybe are a little more high energy or have something besides just standup comedy to them. Just doing 90 seconds of one of my bits might just make it look like the talent I’m showcasing is complaining, rather than comedy.

Brad: Saw you were pitching some stuff to Comedy Central, “I’ll tell you all about it” or “Bro, way too much money on the line, wait for TMZ to break the story”.

Jessica: There’s not enough specifics for me to give any details but I’m working on a few things and have a positive outlook on it. Somewhat related, if you know anyone who needs a feature or has a 30 minute spot they cook, I really need to get a half hour on tape. Is it still called “on tape”? I don’t even know.

Brad: You’re running a marathon, what up with that?

Yes I am running the LA marathon. It’s to raise money for a school for kids who are blind and visually impaired. I like to give back to the community however I can. I’m not a runner so the training has been pretty intense for me. But if I can somehow drop a few pounds in the process of raising money for kids, that’s a win-win. But honestly, I’m just doing it so I look good naked. Not that anyone would ever know.

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