In this edition of Run The Light we interview stand up comedian Jesus Trejo.

Brad: You recently were made a paid regular at the Comedy Store, how does it feel to get your name on the wall there?

Jesus: Very surreal! I was made a Paid Regular November ’12. I’m simply flattered at the idea that I’m now a paid regular at a comedy club with such rich history. I’m quite happy with my path at the comedy store up to now. I was able to work my way up the ranks like Mitzi intended for new comedians to do so, by working the door at the Store. I worked the door, but mostly parked cars. It was working the lot that I was able to develop my stand-up, performing Sundays and Mondays until eventually getting passed.

Brad: My favorite joke you do is where you talk about your comb over hair; you think it is going to grow back or what?

Jesus: [Laughs] I highly doubt that my hair is going to grow back. Like I tell people, “All my comb over jokes are topical. A year from now, I don’t think Ill have hair left to tell these jokes!” The good thing is, the more I lose hair the less and less I need to buy Shampoo, Conditioner, etc.… I have to admit, the comb-over joke is the most rewarding of my jokes to perform now. I use to be very self-conscious talking about having a comb-over at 26. Steve Trevino would tell me “ you have to talk about it, its funny!” I’m glad I listened to the advice and worked on the joke. It almost served as therapy the more I developed the Joke. I don’t think there are too many comedians talking about their comb-over these days.

Brad: We hear you got to open at the Nokia Theater in LA for Russell Peters, how was that?

Jesus: Where do I begin? It truly was a blessing to have someone like Russell Peters invite me to do a 7200 seater. Definitely the biggest crowed I’ve played to date. I’m very thankful and appreciative for the opportunity. When I started stand-up I dreamed of the day I could play to a crowed that size, and Russell made that happen. Its funny how things work out sometimes. I recall being a Jr. in High School in 2003 and winning tickets at a local radio station to attend “ Comedy Fiesta” a huge comedy show with a huge heavy hitting lineup. I recall seeing Russell Peters on that show and thinking how funny he was and how I could relate to the stories he painted about his father. As cliche as it sounds, if you would of told me then that I would be opening for Russell Peters in 2013, I would of told you “ Your Crazy!” My parents have a hard time understanding exactly what it is that I do. So I think it was an important intrinsic win for me, to have my parents see what I do. I was able to have my parents in the audience that day. Russell essentially gave me the opportunity to validate my career to my parents. What better feeling than that?

Brad: You have the sweetest mustache in the game, hard work to grow or easy as pie?

Jesus: Sweetest mustache in the game? Is that what people say when there pointing and laugh at my attempts at a mustache? [Laughs] I know it’s hard for people to believe me, but that’s how it grows! A long and slow process if you will. Very little trimming and Boom! I might as well shave by plucking my mustache, much like a woman would pluck her eyebrows. Just like my hair, I guess I’m not well endowed when it comes to hair, period! So my mustache is no exception.

Brad: Are there any Latino Comics that you look up to or credit for paving the way?

Jesus: Definitely! I think the first Latino Comic I saw, as a kid was Paul Rodriguez, mainly because he has the ability to do stand up in both English and Spanish. Coming from a household whose primary language is Spanish, my parents would watch him on TV and laugh.  Initially I think Paul Rodriguez, sparked my interest in Stand up. Later, George Lopez had a huge Influence when I first heard of him in middle school. But currently, one of my biggest mentors is Steve Trevino who just had a Show Time Special titled “Grampa Joe’s Son”. He has essentially showed me the ropes of what it is to be a comic. He advised me to get a door job at the comedy store. Something I’m very proud of doing, being that I’m one of the few Latino Comics to have ever work the door/Lot a the comedy store.  Trevino is a Mexican-American just like me, but isn’t considered a Latino Comic something I strive for myself. Personally, I consider myself a comedian who happens to be Latino, something I learned working with Trevino on the road. And it’s not to say that there is something wrong with being considered a Latino Comic, but I simply want to be a comic. You look at legends like Richard Pryor, and you don’t reference him as a black comic, simply a Comic. Funny has no ethnicity, it’s either funny or not. Such a position in Comedy is what I hope to achieve in my career.

Brad: You recently appeared in a few episodes on the TBS show Sullivan and Son, starring Steve Byrne and many other comics. Sounds pretty awesome, was it?

Jesus: It truly was awesome! Sullivan and Son was my first TV appearance, so as you could imagine I was super excited, as were my parents. It was great working with so many talented people on set. Simply flattered and honored to be on a project produced by Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsly. I’m very Grateful of Steve Byrne invitation to go audition for his show, just humbled at knowing I had the support of a comedian I respect like Byrne. I was excited to Work with so many Stand up comedians that I respect and am a fan of. Guys like: Roy Wood Jr, Owen Benjamin, Ahmed Ahmed, and Steve Byrne and many more! A huge learning experience, I would come on set and soak in as much as I could. I have to say that I was quite star struck at Brian Doyle Murray while filming the pilot. He’s simply a person who’s work I’ve enjoyed so much over the years. And Again, a recurring Role on Sullivan and Son as Javier served as another way of validating what I do to my parents. Its all been a big blessing, I’m just lucky that I was able to get on the show. My career thus far has been a dream come true.

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