In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian Jon DeWalt

Brad: You are a vital part of the production team, “That Guy and His Friend” which releases viral videos on Youtube, along with Rick Glassman and Brent Morin. How did that come about?

Jon: Rick and I met on the set of “Angels & Demons” doing extra work because we had both just moved here and were poor and stupid. It was a two week call that went from 5pm-5am everyday, and Rick and I instantly were just on the same page with comedy; we were hyper and being so funny on set with the ADs and extras and crew people. For whatever reason we spoke the same language. We got so annoying that the ADs had to split us up as if we were in 3rd grade! They were shooting on this huge lot designed to look like Rome, and they put me all the way on the other side of “Rome” with a bunch of mannequins dressed as people. Like I was in timeout because we were too loud and silly. I had been a web video comedian for years at that point back when I was doing improv in Chicago, so the transition to do videos in LA with Rick was easy. All thanks to Tom Hanks and Ron Howard.

Brad: I just watched your Funny or Die video, Bully gets body slammed, father also body slammed. You played the tough guy father who took a beating. Would you go to the mat for your own kids?

Jon: Yeah, basically if anyone messes with my kids I will beat them up regardless of age. Comedians are known for violence. Actually that is one of my favorite videos. We work off of improv a lot, but that video has our best written beginning-middle-end. So people who like that stuff should watch it, I guess.

Brad: You just performed on the Comedy Central New Faces Stand Up Showcase, how did that go?

Jon: It was a lot of fun because everyone on the showcase crushed it that night. So it became like a normal club show in terms of audience energy and reactions. Like the stigma of it being for industry went away because everyone was just killing. Comics like Ahmed Bharoocha, Nick Rutherford, Johnny Pemberton and Beth Stelling. And I may be biased but I truly believe that Rick Glassman and Brent Morin had the best sets of the night. And I also may be biased, but I think EVERYONE’S success that night was thanks to me because I went first. So the room being so good was thanks to me. So you’re welcome everyone.

Brad: You were mobbed by fans in an Appleton, Wisconsin mall and it was all caught on Youtube video over the holidays, have you learned your lesson about going out in public alone, especially because you are a very small guy?

Jon: Oh, did you not watch that video? Because actually no one recognized me because I’m not famous at all. I think less than 200 people have even seen the video which reinforces that.

Brad: Rick Glassman was gracious enough to respond to our interview request quickly but Brent Morin seems to be big timing us and not responding to our simple interview request. Is Brent always so hard to work with? Have you thought of dumping him from the team?

Jon: Brent is big timing you because he’s big time. He’s earned it. He’s done Montreal, Chelsea Lately on E! three times, he’s a paid regular at all the best LA clubs and has a lot on his mind now that he’s becoming the next big thing. Plus, he paints. And no he is not hard to work with because game recognizes game and when we get together it’s like watching the Dream Team in ’92. We’re just better than the Russians at comedy. And Brent is actually not a member of That Guy & His Friend, he’s too big for that. The group is Rick and I and we have superstar friends do videos with us whenever their LA schedule in Hollywood allows it like Brent, Andrew Santino, Allison Bosma, and Kevin Hart. We’re lucky to have them when we do because Rick and I are still at the level of doing your interviews but they’re legends.

Brad: What is your favorite part of being a stand up comic?

Jon: The endless money and how easy it is night in and night out to get on great shows and read rooms perfectly and be myself on stage. And how easy it is to know exactly what my voice and brand is and so I never have to work on getting better. No, I’m joking, stand-up is crazy hard. My favorite part is the time on stage my, least favorite part is small talking with Tommy at The Comedy Store because he sometimes likes me and sometimes hates me and I never know why and which is which on a given day. So I’ll often just stand there like an idiot as he avoids eye contact until I slowly walk away.

You can find Jon at,
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