In this edition of Run the Light, We interview comedian Mark Serritella.

Ari: You have performed stand up comedy all over the world, what club did you get your start at?
Mark: I started at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA. Their Sunday night show.

Ari: How long were you doing comedy until you found your voice?
Mark: Found my voice I would say after about 11 years. I finally sat down and wrote what I wanted my act to look like and flow like… and since then I really like what I’m doing.

Ari: You have three different CD’s syndicating through satellite radio and another CD soon to be released how often to write new material and what is your writing process?
Mark: I write about 3x’s a week. As far as process, sometimes it just comes to me… and then if that fails, I think whatever makes you upset will make other people laugh. We’ve all had common experiences that have gone horribly wrong.

Ari: You have performed overseas for the troops numerous times now, how would you compare performing for the military as opposed to a normal audience?
Mark: I thought going into the military tours that they might not like me. I’m very liberal, but looking back I don’t have any more political material in my set. I just don’t like talking about it.

Ari: You produce one of the best known shows in the country “Comedy Juice”, has producing that show helped your comedy?
Mark: Producing the shows has helped my comedy in that I’m in a comedy club 8 days a week now. I no longer have the distraction of going to do another job… and watching stand up is one of the best ways to get better at it.

Ari: With Juice you have booked and watched some of the best comedians what comedian would like to do the show that hasn’t already?
Mark: Every comedian in the country who is great has done Comedy Juice. There’s no one I can think of… maybe Eddie Murphy.

Ari: What advice would you give to our readers who also want to produce their own comedy shows?
Mark: Build it and they will come. Book great comics and work hard to promote it.

Ari: Performing, running juice, it must be hard to have a social life, any hobbies outside the comedy world?
Mark: My big hobbies are going to the gym, listening to podcasts, watching Howerd Stern interviews on YouTube, mystic tanning, turtle shell painting, writing TV scripts… honestly I just work a lot.

Ari: Any upcoming projects in the works?
Mark: We’re trying to invest a lot into our online content on We should have alot more up by the end of the summer and I’m pitching a script a wrote last year that seems to be getting alot of attention – knock on wood.

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