In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comic Rick Glassman.

Brad: You and fellow comic Jon DeWalt make a funny hosting team at the Comedy Store, you guys ever think of taking that act to TV?
Rick: Thanks man. Do we ever think of taking our act TV? Yes.

Brad: You’ve mentioned on stage that your stand up isn’t about punchlines or anything really, kinda like a Seinfeld episode, how did you develop your style?
Rick: I don’t remember saying that my stand up isn’t about punchlines. But I guess it’s not really. Not in the sense where a punchline follows a setup. I like the set up to come after the punchline more. Or before it.

Brad: You put out some cool Youtube comedy videos, how are they working out?
Rick: The videos are fun man. I like our videos. A lot of them come from a small game or observation that made me and my friends laugh (most of the stuff I do is with Jon DeWalt and Brent Morin. Look them up!). Then we just go to Weirdsville!

Brad: You have the quirkiness and kinda look like Jeff Goldblum’s son, “i get that a lot” or “dude wtf are you talking about”?
Rick: Are you asking me to choose between “I get that [I look like Jeff Goldblum’s son] a lot” and “dude wtf are you talking about?” I ask because I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. I could “get that a lot” while understanding wtf you’re talking about. If I didn’t understand what you were talking about, I wouldn’t comprehend the question well enough to give you an answer. But no, I don’t get that I look like his son. I don’t even know if Jeff Goldblum has a son. People say I look like Jeff Goldblum sometimes. Or his son. I get that a lot too.

Brad: We’ve noticed on Facebook, your mom is super crazy funny and plays along with your outrageous postings, is that where you get it from?
Rick: Haha. How funny is my mom on Facebook?! She posts so much about books and sessional decorations. Yeah, I get a lot of my comedy and energy from my mom. Specifically my people-sense. She can and does talk to everybody. My mom is probably the most likable person I’ve ever met. Both my parents really. I’ve often said, ” look just like Jeff Goldblum’s son.”

Brad: Seen you at the gym, you throw around crazy weights, what up with that?
Rick: I work out because I like my women black, hot and coffee.

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